Gluten – The Silent Killer

This post is a must read for anyone with gluten intolerances, has celiac disease or is interested simply in becoming a little more health conscious.


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5 ways to kick ass day 7

being-awesomeThis is my last post in my 7 days of kick ass habits. It has been fun as I have put these together for me as much as anyone else. The theme of each day has shifted, which I guess you noticed and this is because being the best you is not just about being as productive as possible or how many goals you can achieve. It’s a balance of a multitude of components. Some of which will be important to some and not so important to others, the key is drawing that line in the sand as to what’s important to you.  Find, what those critical things are that make you happy and give you your sense of self-worth.

  1. Discipline. One of the key differences consistently highlighted between successful people and unsuccessful people is discipline. The capacity to delay instant gratification for long-term gain and the resolve to stay steadfast on the task at hand.
  2. Consistency. No matter what you do be consistent. Be consistent in your personal demeanor and be consistent across the compartments of your life. What this means is if you work hard at being great also work hard at being great in your relationship or at your hobby. The law of diffusion suggests that if you are slacker in one area it will seep into other areas of your life.
  3. Recognise mistakes. Or as I you may have heard before, there is no such thing as mistakes or failure just feedback. Everything is just a big feedback loop if you approach it in the right way.
  4. Give what you would like to get in return. This is essentially the law of attraction and is fundamental to my personal moral compass.
  5. Sharpen the Saw. I, of course, do not own this little pearl of wisdom. That credit goes to Stephen Covey. This is means; always be improving, learning and updating your skill set and knowledge.

I hope you have enjoyed this little series of tips. Your feedback is welcome and any requests for the next series of tips please comment below.




5 ways to Kick Ass Day 6

Im sorry this is late! I got a little derailed here in Canada. I will give you the remaining two posts today to catch-up. This post is focusing on self-care and relaxing – possibly influenced by the cold, rainy weather I am experiencing here.


  1. Start a Hobby. Why not? It’s a great way to meet people, spend your Sundays and have something interesting to talk about.
  2. Have a movie marathon. We need to indulge in one of these every once in awhile. A rainy weekend or any day you want to just laze about.
  3. Bake. I cant say I do this very often but when I do I am quite proud of the outcome…if anyone wants to try my French Clafoutis let me know. J (its prize winning)
  4. Listen to your favourite album cover to cover. But I have so many favourites you say; well make a top 5 and listen to them all over a weekend. Let the memories come flooding back.
  5. Get a massage. Do this today! Book in for 45 to 60 mins where you can actually just switch off. A massage helps remove toxins in the muscles and relieves stress.

Take Care,



5 ways to Kick Ass Day 5


fun gig

  1. Create a morning ritual. I have written before on rituals v habits; it’s so important to create ritual that fits in and adds value to your life. A ritual could be something like: 5 min meditation as soon as you wake, followed by 30 min’s of exercise, followed by your favourite freshly squeezed juice. Imagine how you would feel going to work after that?
  2. Do 50 Push-ups (or as many as you can) every morning. Enough Said.
  3. Learn photography. I have a good Nikon D7000 that sat in the cupboard for almost a year until I forced myself to learn how to use it properly. I watched YouTube videos, read the manual (funny one that one) and read online photography blogs.  The moment the penny dropped regarding the influence of ISO, Aperture and Shutter-Speed among other things taking photos became a whole new experience that I am hooked to. Join me on my 30-day Photography challenge to get you started.
  4. Live Music. Grab your partner or a bunch of friend buy tickets to a live gig and have a let your hair down type of night. Any gig, even just one at your local pub. There is something about live music; it just makes you feel good. I am interested to know your favourite gig, comment on this post to let me know
  5. Dinner Party. This can be one of the most fun things to do (showing my age). Invite a bunch of people cook an amazing meal (that part is not a given), even get everyone to contribute a dish, get a couple of good bottles of red wine and let the night unravel itself.

Keep rocking it.





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