Initial reading of Craig Harper’s new post, ‘How to Stop being a Dickhead’ didn’t provoke much thought. However, today I was again challenged by someone unfortunately in my circle of influence (why they are is another story) and ‘How to Stop being a Dickhead’ started proving to be quite an insightful article. From Craig’s of list common dickhead traits he has:

1. Talking too much

2. Laughing at your own jokes
3. Trying to impress people

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I love the top two which is what instigated me to write this article. Do you know someone like this? Or is this you?

Our ability to not react to a ‘dickhead’ is a test of our own presence and poise but seriously it just makes you wonder sometimes if anyone has ever told that person to just bugger off!

For me if you are a ‘dickhead’ then you most likely lack the skills of reflection and self-awareness. These are skills not measured on the scale of IQ but EQ, or ‘emotional intelligence’; the ability to understand and label ones emotions, use the environment and ourselves for feedback on our behaviour and social deftness. Why oh why are they not teaching this to our youths in schools?

Here are 5 key things you should do to develop your emotional intelligence:

1. Identify and label feelings – Am I angry, sad, happy, how does this make me feel?

2. Ask your closest friends what you are like socially – you may not like the answer

3. Everyone looks at the world differently – be empathic and be understanding

4. Body language – 95% of language is non-verbal, take notice of the other person if one foot is pointing out the door you probably lost them 10 minutes ago

5. Listen- start doing this and you’ll find more people want to talk to you…funny that!

We see ourselves in the mirror of other people’s reactions, so take a look at your social circle. Are you someone people find it easy to be around?