1. HonestyBe honest with yourself and others. If we deceive ourselves then we are only covering up a much bigger problem. If we deceive others, then we will find our network of friends getting smaller and smaller.
  2. Discipline – Delay gratification. We live in an age of impulse and immediate satisfaction. Through discipline you can work towards the bigger picture.
  3. Be Likable – Be a key person of influence. Find a way to connect with everyone and everyone will find a way to connect with you.
  4. Eat Healthy and Exercise – Nourish your body and treat it like a temple. You will feel better, think better, have more energy, have better sex, and be sick less I can keep going.
  5. Be present – The only moment we have is now. It’s ok to have goals for the future but we can only control what happens right now.
  6. Be Happy Right Now – Just like living in the present if we accept our life and circumstance, as it is now then we will find joy. Working towards goals in the future becomes so much more enjoyable.
  7. Set Goals – Decide what it is you want and work towards it. People that set goals achieve more. If you don’t know where you are going then you wont know where you end up.
  8. Live concordant with your values and passions – Think of your current state and think of your ideal state. How far apart are they? We need to take steps towards our ideal state everyday.
  9. Persistence – How many times did ‘Thomas Edison’ fail trying to create the light bulb?
  10. Be Passionate – Find something you believe in and share it with the world. We each having something to share so find your passion and start living it and sharing it.


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