The benefits of exercise are far reaching but often we overlook the additional but just as important social, psychological and spiritual benefits.

Here are 5 non-health reasons why we should exercise:
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1. Confidence - Exercise improves our confidence through increases in positive hormones in our body. It improves our confidence through the physical changes to our body that makes us feel better. People will often comment positively on changes, particularly if we are on a weight-loss journey, which improves our self-esteem.

2. Relaxed – Believe it or not exercise can actually help us relax. Going for a run can decrease a lot of that noise that builds up in our head throughout the week. Additionally activities like yoga or Pilates that are focused on slow but controlled movements can bring us back to be more in the moment.

3. Productive – When we exercise we have more energy and we have clarity of mind. This helps us be more productive in our lives and in the work place through being able to focus better and simply get more done.

4. Friendships – If we exercise in groups or in team sports then we can increase our ability to make friends with like minded people. Moreover, these friendships are built on a healthy and positive foundation. Often people trying to lose weight can find it to be quite an isolating and lonely journey, this is one way to negate that.

5. General Motivation – For me exercise and healthy living is the catalyst or platform for change in all parts of our life. We are creatures of habit and often we lack the confidence or motivation to make a change in our lives even though we know it would be good for us. The psychosocial benefits that come with exercise can be a great catalyst for this change. This could be to quit our job, jump on the dating scene or start that hobby we should have started 10 years ago.

Next time your exercising think about how it may helping you in ways at you hadn’t thought before. Also take notice of how you feel directly after exercise…

Take Care,
Ben Nowlan