Ben Nowlan


I write this blog to share something I am passionate about. As much as its nice to have people to read what I write that is not the motivator for me behind this blog. I am passionate about self-growth and personal motivation, so I want to write my own ideas and take on the different theories, books, CD’s etc. that are out there. Just like everyone else I am on my own journey and I have my own goals.

There has been no life-changing incident or sudden epiphany I have always devoured information regarding personal growth, from a health body/physical aspect, to spiritual and emotional aspect and motivational/human potential aspect. However, I discovered soon enough that most information available is basically the same. Thus, part of my goal here is to do half the work for you – I have done the reading so Ill try to disseminate the key points for you to consume and apply. In addition, I want to be at the forefront of what’s new in the field of personal growth and bring that to you as well.

The Boring Stuff:

I have a degree in exercise science and a degree in psychology. I have worked as a personal trainer, even once was named ‘personal trainer to the stars’ [that will be good to tell the kids]. I have owned three businesses. I have coached many businesses for business growth and success. I have coached many individuals for personal growth.

I have travelled to some cool places in the world for both personal professional reasons but it seems to have a better feeling when someone else pays for it. J  I still get the odd article in some magazine promoting healthy lifestyle – I’m mot sure anyone reads them though. I love to cook. I exercise at least 6 days a week because I love it and it’s my drug of choice. I meditate but need to do more of it.  I don’t like winter. I don’t like cucumber. I don’t like Nicki Minaj.


Learn how to use my NikonD7000.

Compete in one of those 24hr endurance races.

Climb Mt Kilimanjaro

Learn to play Guitar

Write a book

Make lots of Money